"Rick is a hands-on teacher. An excellent drummer himself, he takes the time to work with each student no matter what their skill level is. Whatever you aspire to achieve, Rick will work with you to achieve that goal.”

-Steve Kramer

“Rick is a great teacher. I started drums a little less than a year ago and I feel like I’ve come so far. I enjoy every moment I spend on the drum set. Rick is so patient, and helps me work through the tough spots. I am excited to one day play on our worship team at church, and there is no one better to get me there than Rick.”

-Josi Hershey


"Rick is great at meeting students where they are at. He discovers their interests, and uses them to expand their skill set. He is very patient and handles any quirks the students may have.”

- Lisa Stoltzfus


"Not only has my son excelled greatly over the past couple years with Rick, he also gained a greater understanding of music theory and drumming history. He has not only learned drumming skills, but he has developed the right mentality which has taken his playing to a whole new level. His ability to move around the kit and his desire to improve is encouraging. Rick knows how to connect with him so well. Can’t say enough, Rick has created a great attitude in my son, in how he should focus on playing the drums, and to not let it go to his head. Thanks, Rick. Keep up the great work!

-Matt BuckWalter