What is the preferable age to start a young student in drum lessons?

Usually, 6-7 years of age is ideal. I have previously accepted some students at 5 years old, after some assessment, when they have shown reasonable propensity for some rhythm ability.

Do you teach all ages?

Yes, kids and adults are all welcome! I have taught many adults that started lessons in their fifties, who earlier in life had a desire to play the drums. It’s never too late to take up the drums!

Do I have to buy my kid a drum kit right away?

No. Students can initially start with a drum pad or snare drum. Eventually, as the student progresses, you can seek out a drum kit.

What is your general approach in teaching drums?

First, I gear the lesson plan to fit directly in line with the student’s goals. That may be to eventually join a band, play on the worship team at church, play snare drum in the marching band or drum set in stage band at school, or just rock out on the drums to their favorite songs. A priority is getting the student right into playing along with songs, while developing the foundation aspects of drumming; hand movements, techniques, rudiments, stick control, reading drum notation and charts, and learning various drum styles.

Moving right into the music and the music goals of a student makes the learning experience far more exciting and fun!